Article Archive - Kasu Jan. 1, 2016

News about our Club and our activities

Dates 2017


Hi everyone!

The dates for our 2017 meetings are now online!

There is a possibility for small changes, but you can consider them fixed for the most part.

Austrian Riichi Mahjong Association


The previously founded Austrian Riichi Mahjong Association has now a website with lots of information and a forum to communicate with other players!

You can find information on rules, tournaments, the Austrian Championships and much more as well as the forum here.

All Austrian players who want to participate …

Events 2016 UPDATE


Because our weekly meetings were a great success we decided to keep this rhythm!

To alternate Friday and Sunday meetings (almost) regularly, we had to change a few dates.

Also, there are two weeks without any meetings due to other meetings (Go7 General Assembly and tournament).

Please check the calendar …